Pleated Filters

Best suited to applications requiring high-efficiency, fine particulate capture where a specific contaminant needs to be removed.

Features & Information

Precision filtration. Pleating of the media dramatically increases surface area whilst maintaining high dirt loading and low-pressure drop. Best used in applications where the exact classification of specific contaminant to be removed is known.

FAQs - Pleated Filters

What are pleated filters, and how do they work?

Pleated filters are specially designed filters with a pleated or folded structure. The pleats increase the surface area of the filter, allowing for more effective particulate retention.

Liquid is forced through the filter media, and as it passes through the pleats, contaminants and particles are trapped on the surface of the filter, while the clean liquid continues through the filter and exits.

What are the advantages of using pleated filters?

The advantages of pleated filters include:


  • High Surface Area: pleated filters provide a larger surface area compared to non-pleated filters, which improves efficiency and extends the filter’s lifespan.
  • Efficient Particle Retention: the design allows for effective particle retention, ensuring the removal of contaminants and impurities.
  • Long Filter Life: due to their larger surface area, pleated filters have a higher dirt holding capacity, extending the filter life.
  • Low Pressure Drop: typically they offer lower pressure drop, minimising the energy required to pump the liquid through the filter system.


What types of contaminants can pleated filters remove from liquids?

Pleated filters are commonly used in applications where fine filtration is required to ensure high-quality, clear, and clean liquids. They are highly effective at removing a wide range of contaminants, including:


  • Suspended Solids
  • Particulate
  • Sediment
  • Rust
  • Various Impurities
  • Bacteria (dependant on the micron rating and design)
  • Microorganisms (dependant on the micron rating and design)
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