Bubble Point


Bubble Point - 0.2-1.2 micron

The validated, integrity tested range of industry specialised beverage grade filters uses the latest technology to create a highly asymmetric, permanently hydrophilic membrane. Capable of higher throughput and with greater membrane depth capability, the new Bubble Point range extends membrane life in high loading applications. Suitable for use in many critical applications from biological filtration, through to the validated removal of spoilage microorganisms for beer, cider, wine and fruit juice classification.

The Bubble Point range uses a highly asymmetric media manufactured from the PPPES series. This modified media, with an initial increased pore diameter, significantly improves performance and durability, so it's critical for high load contaminant removal found in beverage applications.

The increased dirt holding properties of the enhanced PES pore structure, with a greater void volume, protects the validated retention layer from premature fouling as typically occurs in standard PES media. This ensures high flow rates are maintained over an extended service life.

Low protein binding characteristics coupled with the modified PES pore structure result in a cartridge that provides consistent classification without altering the final product quality, retaining desired proteins,


Bubble Point

  • 100% integrity tested, with specific Quality Assurance Certificate supplied with every cartridge

  • Manufactured in a clean room environment, lot coded on the polypropylene cage for tracking and tracing

  • Each cartridge has double layered packaging. The inner plastic wrap is vacuum sealed and a tough outer layer provides further protection and cleanliness

  • Individually labelled and boxed for security and ease of product identification

Integrity Testable

All SPECTRUM Bubble Point cartridges are 100% integrity testable giving known, precise and documented filter performance for ongoing quality control.

For ease of use, the fully automated SPECTRUM integrity tester offers an array of test protocols for complete peace of mind.

Bacterial Control  The 0.2 µm Bubble Point (BD) is specifically targeted towards bottle wash and final filtration for bacterial reduction, to prevent spoilage and maximise shelf life. Spoilage Microorganisms  Typically used as the final stage of the bottling / kegging process in beer filtration applications is the 0.45 µm Bubble Point (SE). Yeast Removal Clarity  Used for the removal of yeast, as well as ensuring desired clarity in wine applications are the 0.45-1.2 µm Bubble Point (SE, SA & CA) cartridges.
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Bubble Point Technical Data Sheet
SPECTRUM Bubble Point Technical Drawing