Bubble Point

Features & Information
  • Validated and integrity-tested
  • Uses the latest technology to create a highly asymmetric, permanently hydrophilic membrane
  • Capable of higher throughput
  • Greater membrane depth capability
  • Suitable for use in many critical applications from biological filtration to removal of spoilage microorganisms
  • Manufactured in a clean room environment, lot coded on the polypropylene cage for tracking and tracing
  • Each cartridge has double-layered packaging. The inner plastic wrap is vacuum sealed, and a tough outer layer provides further protection and cleanliness
  • Individually labelled and boxed for security and ease of product identification
Applications & Industries
  • Bottled water (bacterial control)
  • Brewing (spoilage microorganisms reduction)
  • Wineries (yeast removal and clarity)
Technical Data
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Features & Information

A specialised cartridge for the beverage industry. 100% integrity tested, with a specific Quality Assurance Certificate supplied with each cartridge, the SPECTRUM Bubble Point is suitable for critical applications such as biological filtration and removal of spoilage organisms in beverage applications.

FAQs - Bubble Point

What applications is the SPECTRUM Bubble Point suited to?

The SPECTRUM Bubble Point is an industry-specialised beverage grade filter suitable for use in many critical applications, from biological filtration to the removal of spoilage microorganisms.

What is the advantage of a bubble point integrity test?

The bubble point test is useful for quality control, as it ensures that the porous material meets specified criteria for pore size and integrity. It is also valuable for selecting the appropriate filter or membrane for a particular filtration application, as it provides information about the material’s filtration performance.

What is a pleated filter?

A pleated filter is a type of liquid filtration cartridge designed with pleats or folds on the filter media to increase the surface area for better filtration efficiency compared to spuns and wounds.

What types of contaminants do pleated filters remove?

Pleated filters are used to remove suspended particulate. They are usually used to control finer particulate as a final stage of filtration where a specific contaminant is targeted for removal.