Water Treatment

Solutions for the improvement and purification of water outside of basic sediment removal.

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A range of products for the control and treatment of dissolved contaminants. From manufacturing make-up water to scale inhibition to heavy metal removal; the SPECTRUM water treatment range is here to keep things flowing.

FAQs - Water Treatment

What is water treatment, and why is it important?

The process of purifying and improving the quality of water to make it safe for various applications, including drinking, industrial processes, irrigation, and environmental protection. It involves the removal of contaminants, impurities, and undesirable substances from water to ensure it meets specific quality standards.

Water treatment is essential because it helps prevent the spread of waterborne diseases, protects public health, and safeguards the environment.

What are the common sources of water contamination?

Water contamination can arise from various sources, which may include:


  • Industrial Activities: discharge of pollutants from factories into water bodies.
  • Agricultural Runoff: pesticides, fertilisers, and chemical entering water sources from agricultural fields.
  • Municipal Wastewater: sewage and wastewater discharges from households and urban areas.
  • Natural Sources: naturally occurring substances, such as heavy metals and minerals, can leach into water sources.
  • Landfill Leachate: harmful substances that seep from landfills and contaminate groundwater.
  • Oil Spills: accidental releases of oil and petroleum products into water bodies.
Can water treatment remove all types of contaminants from water?

While water treatment processes are highly effective at removing a wide range of contaminates, no single method can remove all types of impurities from water. The effectiveness of water treatment depends on the specific contaminants present and the treatment processes employed.

It’s important to tailor water treatment systems to the specific water quality concerns and desired end-use. In critical applications, multiple treatment steps may be combined to ensure the water meets the required standards and remains safe for consumption or other purposes.


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