Spun-Bonded Filters

The graded density of spun cartridges allows them to retain particulate of varying sizes, down to a specified micron rating, without blinding – making them best suited for general clean-up before the final filtration stage.

Features & Information

The latest in depth filtration technology. The graded density and thermally bonded structure of spun-bonded filter cartridges allow them to capture various particulate sizes throughout the cartridge media while eliminating the issue of fibre migration, making them ideal for general sediment cleanup in preparation for finer filtration.

FAQs - Spun-Bonded Filters

What are spun-bonded filters, and how do they work?

Spun-bonded filters are a type of filter media made from continuous filaments of thermally bonded synthetic fibres. These fibres are arranged in a random pattern, with density dictating micron size, creating a web-like structure with fine interstitial spaces that trap and retain particles and contaminants.

Spun-bonded filters work in filtration by allowing liquid to pass through the porous structure while capturing particles on the filter’s surface or within the fibre matrix.

Are spun-bonded filters suitable for high-flow filtration applications?

Yes, spun-bonded filters are suitable for high-flow liquid filtration applications. The open and porous structure of the filter media allows for efficient liquid flow even at high flow rates. Their ability to handle high flow volumes makes them a popular choice in various industrial, commercial, and residential liquid filtration systems where maintaining high flow rates is crucial for optimal performance.

What are the advantages of using spun-bonded filters?

The advantages of using spun-bonded filters include:


  • Excellent Particle Retention: spun-bonded filters effectively capture and retain solid particles and contaminants.
  • High Dirt-Holding Capacity: due to their fine fibre structure, they can hold a considerable amount of particles before requiring replacement.
  • Low Pressure Drop: they typically offer low resistance to liquid flow.
  • Cost-Effective: these filters are often more affordable than some specialised filters, providing a cost-effective solution for general particulate filtration needs.
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