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TruDepth Antimicrobial Spun (AMS)

Features & Information
  • Added active ingredient that resists and inhibits bacterial growth
  • Effective graded particulate reduction and high dirt holding capacity
Applications & Industries
  • Borehole and well water
  • Protecting water pumps
  • Private water supply
Technical Data
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Features & Information

Impregnated with antimicrobial silver ions, the SPECTRUM AMS inhibits the growth of bacteria – preventing premature blocking from biofilm and unpleasant smells and providing an excellent safeguard for critical pre-filtration applications, such as pre-UV protection.


How does a spun bonded filter cartridge work?

These cartridges work by trapping particles and contaminants as the fluid flows through the porous structure of the filter material. The graded density of the spun bonded fibres create a matrix that effectively captures larger particulate towards the outside of the cartridge and smaller particulate towards the inside, minimising the rate at which large particles block up the finer filtration media.

What types of contaminants can spun bonded filter cartridges remove?

Spun bonded filter cartridges are effective at removing a wide range of contaminants, including sediment, rust, sand, silt, algae, and other suspended (not dissolved) particulate from liquids.

How does the antimicrobial feature work in the AMS cartridge?

The AMS cartridge incorporates silver ions into its structure. These silver ions are released into the water as it passes through the cartridge, effectively inhibiting the growth and proliferation of bacteria and microbes within the filter media.

What types of water sources are suitable for AMS cartridges?

AMS cartridges are primarily designed for use in private water supplies, including boreholes and well water. However, they can also be employed in more critical pre-filtration applications, such as pre-UV treatment, to ensure the water is adequately treated before further processing.