Bag Filters

Efficient filtration for high-volume particulate removal and contaminant control in water and industrial processes.

Features & Information

Felt and mesh-based, bag-shaped filters. Best utilised in applications where large volumes of bulky contaminants need to be removed from high volumes of water.

FAQs - Bag Filters

What are bag filters, and how do they work?

A type of liquid filtration system consisting of a flexible, porous bag-like container made of materials like nylon, polyester, or polypropylene. The bag is designed to capture and retain solid particles, contaminants, and impurities from liquids.

Bag filters work by passing the liquid through the porous surface of the bag, allowing clean liquid to pass through while trapping and holding the solid particles inside the bag. The retained particles build up over time, and when the bag reaches its filtration capacity, it is replaced with a new one.

What are the advantages of using bag filters over other filtration methods?

Some advantages of using bag filter include:


  • High Capacity: bag filters have a large filtration surface area, allowing them to handle substantial flow rates and retain a significant amount of solids.
  • Cost-Effective: they generally have a lower initial cost, making them a cost-effective choice for applications with high flow rates and large volumes.
  • Easy Installation: easy to install and replace, reducing downtime during maintenance.
  • Versatility: available in various sizes and materials, suitable for a wide range of applications and liquids.
  • Broad Particle Size Removal: bag filters can effectively remove particles ranging from coarse to fine depending on the filter media used, providing flexibility.
How are bag filters different from other types of filters. such as cartridge filters and capsules?

Primarily in their design and capacity. Bag filters are larger and can handle higher flow rates and larger volumes of liquid when compared to cartridge filters and capsules, which are more compact and typically designed for lower flow rates and smaller volumes.

Cartridge filters and capsules often have a precise filtration rating, making them suitable for critical applications where a specific level of filtration is required. However, bag filters offer a more cost-effective solution for applications that require larger filtration capacities and do not demand the same level of filtration precision.

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