Filter Housing Systems

Complete systems. Multiple housings built in-line for applications requiring more than one filtration stage.

Features & Information

Pre-assembled housing systems, equipped with pressure gauges and ready to be fitted with a filter cartridge cascade system. Fully adaptable to suit various applications.

FAQs - Filter Housing Systems

What are filter housing systems, and how do they function in liquid filtration?

Filter housing systems are integral components of liquid filtration setups designed to hold and support filtration media. These systems provide a controlled environment for the filtration process, allowing liquids to pass through the filtration media while retaining particles, contaminants, or impurities.

Filter housing systems are critical to maintaining the effectiveness of the filtration process by preventing bypass and ensuring that the filtrate meets the desired purity or quality standards. These systems are used in various industries to improve the quality of liquids before they are used in production processes or consumed.

How do I select the right size and type of filter housing system for my application?

Selecting the right size and type of filter housing system involves considering several factors:


  • Flow Rate
  • Filtration Media
  • Pressure
  • Material
  • Application

It’s often recommended to consult with filtration experts to ensure you choose the optimal size and type based on your specific filtration needs.

What are the key components of a filter housing system?

A filter housing system typically consists of several key components:


  • Housing Body: this is the main enclosure that holds the filtration media. It is designed to withstand the pressure of the liquid being filtered and to prevent leaks.
  • Inlet and Outlet Ports: these ports allow the liquid to enter and exit the housing. They are usually equipped with connections for pipes or tubing.
  • Sealing Mechanism: the sealing mechanism ensures a tight and secure seal between the housing components, preventing leaks and bypass of unfiltered liquid.
  • Pressure Release Valve: some filter housing systems have a pressure release valve to safely release pressure before opening the housing for maintenance.
  • Mounting Bracket or Stand: these components help secure the housing system in place, either by mounting it to a wall or placing it on a stand.
  • Vent or Air Release: in certain applications, a vent or air release may be present to allow air to escape during the filling of the housing.

Together, these components work harmoniously to create a controlled environment where liquids can be effectively filtered through the chosen filtration media, ensuring the desired level of purity and quality.

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