Refillable Cartridges

Ultimate versatility in cartridge form. Empty shell cartridges ready to be filled with the filtration or water treatment media of your choice.

Features & Information

Refillable filter cartridges are an eco-friendly alternative to disposable filters commonly used in various filtration systems. They allow users to replace the filter media inside the cartridge, reducing waste and long-term costs while maintaining effective filtration.

FAQs - Refillable Cartridges

What is a refillable filter cartridge?

A refillable cartridge is a replaceable component of a filtration system which can be filled and refilled with filtration or water treatment media and reused multiple times.

What types of contaminants can refillable cartridges remove?

The effect of a refillable cartridge depends on the type of media used. One of the main benefits of a refillable cartridge is that they are diverse.

They can be filled with media to remove:


  • Chlorine
  • Heavy metals
  • Organic compounds
  • Bad taste
  • Odours
How often should I replace the filter media in a refillable cartridge?

The frequency with which refillable cartridges need to be replaced/refilled will vary from application to application. Please refer to the advice on the media used within the cartridge.

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