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Empty Cartridge Shells (SES)

Features & Information
  • Shell capacities of 0.2 to 4.3 litres can be filled with water treatment media of choice
  • SES-YC shell cases are semi-transparent allowing for observation of media and the use of colour-change resin
  • Threaded end-caps enable repeated change-out of media
  • Internal filter pads help to reduce media migration, whilst maintaining a compact media bed to reduce channelling
  • Shells fit most industry standard and large diameter housings
  • Shells come individually bagged and labelled
Applications & Industries
  • Varies depending on the chosen media
Technical Data
Ordering Details

Features & Information

Available in 5, 10 and 20” as well as standard or large diameter and a choice of clear or white.

FAQs - Empty Cartridge Shells

What is an Empty Cartridge Shell, and how is it used?

An empty cartridge shell is a filtration device designed to hold and support filtration media inside a cartridge housing. It serves as a vessel where users can place their chosen filtration media, such as activated carbon, resin, or pleated filter media. Once the desired filtration media is loaded into the cartridge shell, it is then installed into a compatible cartridge housing or filter system. The empty cartridge shell provides the structural integrity and support required to retain the filtration media during the filtration process.

How do I choose the right Empty Cartridge Shell for my specific filtration needs?

To choose the right empty cartridge shell, consider the following factors:


  • Filtration Media: identify the type and size of filtration media required for your application (e.g., activated carbon, pleated media, depth filter, etc.).
  • Filtration Efficiency: determine the level of filtration efficiency needed to achieve your desired filtration objectives.
  • Cartridge Shell Size: select the appropriate size of the cartridge shell that fits your filtration system or housing.
  • Compatibility: ensure that the selected cartridge shell is compatible with the filtration media and the liquid or gas being filtered.
  • Application Requirements: consider the flow rate, pressure drop, and expected service life needed for your specific application.
  • Certifications and Standards: check for relevant certifications or industry standards that ensure the quality and performance of the cartridge shell.
What are the applications where Empty Cartridge Shells are commonly used?

Common applications include:


  • Water Filtration: in residential, commercial, and industrial settings to improve water quality by removing sediment, chlorine, and other contaminants.
  • Chemical Filtration: for removing impurities, odour, and unwanted particles from chemicals and solvents in laboratories and manufacturing processes.
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotech: in critical filtration applications to ensure the purity of liquids used in pharmaceutical production and research.
  • Food and Beverage: for achieving product clarity and ensuring microbial safety by filtering liquids in the food and beverage industry.
  • Oil and Gas: for filtration of process fluids and lubricants to protect equipment and machinery from contaminants.
Can I customise the Empty Cartridge Shell to fit specific filtration media or applications?

Yes, one of the advantages of using an empty cartridge shell is the ability to customise it according to specific filtration needs. Whether it’s granular media or carbon block, an empty cartridge shell can be tailored to accommodate the chosen filtration media, making it a versatile solution for different filtration applications.