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TruDepth Premier (PSP)

Features & Information
  • WRAS approved and manufactured from lot controlled FDA compliant materials, the grooved construction results in a higher surface area for increased particulate removal and handling of viscous fluids
  • Exceptional performance in applications with known micron size, allowing the entire capacity of the cartridge to be used
  • Ideal for high temperature and high differential pressure applications due to the engineered polypropylene core
  • End caps and multiple filter sizes give greater flexibility and suitability to a wide range of applications
  • Available in large diameter 10″ and 20″ lengths for reduced cartridge changeout frequency
Applications & Industries
  • General incoming water filtration
  • Ink manufacture
  • Adhesive production
  • Pre RO water treatment
  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Chemical manufacture
Technical Data
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Features & Information

Boasting higher efficiency and a longer service life than it’s economic and standard counterparts, the SPECTRUM PSP provides a deep grooved construction for maximum surface area, whilst the integral support core provides structural integrity to increase pressure and temperature capacity.


How does a spun bonded filter cartridge work?

These cartridges work by trapping particles and contaminants as the fluid flows through the porous structure of the filter material. The graded density of the spun bonded fibres create a matrix that effectively captures larger particulate towards the outside of the cartridge and smaller particulate towards the inside, minimising the rate at which large particles block up the finer filtration media.

What types of contaminants can spun bonded filter cartridges remove?

Spun bonded filter cartridges are effective at removing a wide range of contaminants, including sedimentrustsandsiltalgae, and other suspended (not dissolved) particulate from liquids.

How does the efficiency of the TruDepth PSP Cartridge compare to the Economic and Standard spun cartridges?

The TruDepth PSP Cartridge boasts higher efficiency, making it more effective at removing particulate matter and contaminants from fluids. In addition to this, the PSP features a deep grooved construction, significantly increasing its surface area and therefore it’s dirt holding capacity.

What is the purpose of the TruDepth PSP’s internal support core?

The TruDepth PSP Cartridge’s integral support core increases its tolerance for higher pressure and temperature operating conditions, making it suitable for more demanding filtration applications.