Premier Pleat Polypropylene

SPECTRUM PPP Product Montage
  • Superior media surface area of 0.6m² ensures superior flow and higher dirt-holding capacities of up to 50% more than some other industry comparable cartridges
  • Sharp cut-off characteristics created by the superior media ensure dependable particle removal of the size required, therefore maximising filter life and application integrity
  • FDA compliant media offering 11 micron sizes, 6 standard length options and 9 end cap choices, this range is versatile in its application suitability and capabilities
  • Thermally-bonded ensuring no leaching of adhesives into the filter stream, particularly important for certain applications such as food and beverage
  • Extensive chemical compatibility is achieved with all-polypropylene construction
  • Pre or final stage filtration of general water applications
  • Beverage applications requiring purification or clarification
  • Hospitals where secure seals are required and cartridge integrity is important
SPECTRUM Premier Pleat Polypropylene Technical Data Sheet