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Premier Pleat RinseCap Polyethersulfone (PPPES)

Features & Information
  • 99.99999% (Log 7) bacteria retention (Brevundimonas diminuta)
  • Single product solution for multiple endoscopy machines
  • Embossed with full product information to ensure complete traceability
  • Capable of being steam sterilised or hot water disinfected
  • High surface area – approximately 15% higher than alternative capsules
  • Triple layer protection – the PES membrane is sandwiched between pre and post layers of polypropylene supporting and extending the life of the capsule
Applications & Industries
  • Potable water
  • Chemical manufacture
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical
  • Beverage
  • Bacteria removal
  • Endoscopy
Technical Data
Ordering Details

Features & Information

Manufactured to existing standards in an ISO clean room environment using absolute-rated polyethersulfone media, the SPECTRUM RinseCap is specifically designed as an aftermarket retrofit capsule for a range of endoscopy washers.

FAQs - Premier Rinse Cap

Does the SPECTRUM Rinse Cap confirm to Log 7 bacterial retention?

The SPECTRUM Rinse Cap does confirm to Log 7 (99.99999% efficient) bacterial retention.

Will the SPECTRUM RinseCap fit on my endoscope washer?

The PPPES RinseCap has been specifically designed as an aftermarket retrofit capsule for a range of endoscopy washers and should therefore fit most industry standard endoscopy washers.

What is a pleated filter?

A pleated filter is a type of liquid filtration cartridge designed with pleats or folds on the filter media to increase the surface area for better filtration efficiency compared to spuns and wounds.

What types of contaminants do pleated filters remove?

Pleated filters are used to remove suspended particulate. They are usually used to control finer particulate as a final stage of filtration where a specific contaminant is targeted for removal.