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Premier Pleat Polyethersulfone (PPPES)

Features & Information
  • Suitable for use across a wide range of chemical applications and over broad pH extremes
  •  Manufactured from lot controlled, thermally bonded FDA compliant materials
  •  Cartridges are formed around a polypropylene core, with the polyethersulfone media protected by a polypropylene cage
  •  Biological retention rates: Bacteria: 99.99999% (Brevundimonas diminuta)
  •  Suitable for repeated sterilisation (20 x 30 minute cycles at 121°C, Q or Z end caps required)
  •  Integrity tested media, the PPPES records a bubble point of 4.3 bar (in water) at 0.2 micron
  •  Double skin construction of the flat sheet membrane ensures excellent mechanical properties
Applications & Industries
  • Potable water
  •  Chemical manufacture
  •  Medical/Pharmaceutical
  •  Beverage
  •  Bacteria removal
Technical Data
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Features & Information

Manufactured using absolute rated polyethersulfone media, lot coded and individually tested, as well as being produced and packaged in a sterile environment to avoid contamination, the SPECTRUM PPPES meets all recognised requirements for bacterial reduction.


What applications is the PPPES suited to?

Absolute-rated polyethersulfone media has become the recognised requirement for bacterial reduction, offering a certified and proven method of controlling product specification and protection.

Do I need to use a pre-filter before my PPPES cartridge?

We would highly recommend always using at least one pre-filtration stage before a PPPES cartridge. The fine pores and membrane media construction of this cartridge means that larger particulate and contaminants in water can damage them or cause them to blind prematurely. An inexpensive sacrificial filter will protect the PPPES and ensure that the more expensive, critical cartridge will last much longer and perform far better.

What is a pleated filter?

A pleated filter is a type of liquid filtration cartridge designed with pleats or folds on the filter media to increase the surface area for better filtration efficiency compared to spuns and wounds.

What types of contaminants do pleated filters remove?

Pleated filters are used to remove suspended particulate. They are usually used to control finer particulate as a final stage of filtration where a specific contaminant is targeted for removal.