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Miniature Filter Sleeves and Housings

Features & Information

Miniature Filter Sleeves

  • Washable for re-use
  • Intricate matrices of open-celled, multi-directional pores to create millions of tortuous paths within its structure
  • Highly effective filter sleeve with the characteristics of a depth filter
  • A support core is required to provide the sleeve the strength to withstand pressure differentials as the media removes debris

Miniature Filter Housings

  • Made from polypropylene reinforced fibre glass, the head contains an M6 centred fixing for easy installation
  • The bigger SFH-2 housing, 6” x 3½”, comes with either ¼” or ½” ports and two M6 head fixings
  • Both miniature housings are available with either an opaque (blue polypropylene) or translucent (trogamid polyamide) sump
Applications & Industries
  • Incoming water
  • Borehole water
  • Bulk particulate removal
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Features & Information

A highly economic solution for reduction of coarse particulate. Offering filtration between 60-350 micron and helpfully colour-coded for user-friendly size differentiation, SPECTRUM Filter Sleeves offer an economic filtration solution that can be washed and reused again and again. Two single-use polyethylene sleeves are also available for applications requiring finer filtration.

FAQs - Miniature Filter Sleeves

What applications are filter sleeves best suited to?

Filter sleeves are designed for coarse filtration and can be washed and reused and are therefore often found in borehole applications, incoming water or general bulk particulate removal.

What is a filter sleeve?

SPECTRUM filter sleeves are washable nylon mesh sleeves designed to filter coarse particulate and be washed and re-used.

Which filter sleeve do I need?

SPECTRUM filter sleeves are colour coded according to their micron rating. Establish which micron sizing you require for your application and refer to product literature to ascertain which sleeve you will require.

What housings does my filter sleeve fit?

10” filter sleeves are compatible with most industry standard 10” housings. SPECTRUM offers two miniature housings for use with the miniature filter sleeves.