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Premier Pleat Nylon (PPN)

Features & Information
  • Hydrophilic Nylon 66 membrane with polypropylene support layers
  • Repeat stream sterilising or CIP
  • No fibre release in accordance with pharmaceutical requirements
  • Flushed with ultra-pure water
  • 100% integrity tested
Applications & Industries
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Filtering strong solvents
  • Retention of gelatinous particules
Technical Data
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Features & Information

Utilising naturally hydrophilic Nylon 66 media, the SPECTRUM PPN offers outstanding chemical compatibility, low extractable content and effective retention of gelatinous particles. Suitable for use with strong solvents.


What applications is the PPN best suited to?

Suitable for filtering strong solvents (reference standard industry compatibility charts) and effective retention of gelatinous particles, the PPN is designed for applications requiring exacting micron classification between 0.1 and 1 micron. No fibre release in accordance with pharmaceutical requirements and good sterilisation resistance means the PPN is often found in pharmaceutical applications.

What are the benefits of the nylon media construction of the PPN?

The PPN filter media comprises of hydrophilic Nylon 66 for excellent chemical compatibility and low extractable content. The PPN can also withstand sterilisation cycles at 120 °c (provided stainless steel end-caps are used).

What is a pleated filter?

A pleated filter is a type of liquid filtration cartridge designed with pleats or folds on the filter media to increase the surface area for better filtration efficiency compared to spuns and wounds.

What types of contaminants do pleated filters remove?

Pleated filters are used to remove suspended particulate. They are usually used to control finer particulate as a final stage of filtration where a specific contaminant is targeted for removal.