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Aqualyze Filter Housing Accessories

Features & Information

Housing accessories  (Brackets, Spanners and Connectors) are offered to conveniently increase the ease of operation and maintenance when applied to housing installations, further improving the functionality of this SPECTRUM range of housings.

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Features & Information

Accessories for use with SPECTRUM Aqualyze housings. Spanners, brackets and port adaptors to suit the range.

FAQs - Housing Accessories

What port sizes are available on Aqualyze housings?

Fitting adaptors are available for use with Aqualyze housings, allowing them to be adapted to fit to four different pipe sizes (¼”, ½”, ⅜” and ¾”).

Are Aqualyze accessories included with the housings, or do they need to be purchased separately?

Aqualyze systems come complete with accessories. However, if housings are purchased individually, accessories will need to be purchased separately.

What are the advantages of using plastic filter housings over metal ones?

Plastic filter housings are often chosen for their resistance to corrosionlightweight nature, and affordability compared to metal housings. They are most suited to applications where chemical compatibility and weight are critical.

How do I choose the right filter housing for my application?

Consider the below factors when selecting a plastic filter housing. Consulting with a filtration expert or supplier for guidance is also advised.


  • Type of fluid
  • Flow rate
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Chemical compatibility
  • Filter element requirements