Inox Premier Sanitary Housings

Sanitary Houings , 1,3,5,7
  • Mechanically polished finish to Ra ≤0.3µ provides the required internal surface for high purity applications.
  • Tri-clover clamps are used as standard to secure the housing body and base together and connect the pressure gauge to the top of the housing.
  • All housings include a diaphragmed 11 bar pressure gauge.
  • Multi-round housings come with blanking plates and Tri-clamps to use when required for the Vent and Drain ports.
  • Housings feature a vent/test port for pressure release and integrity testing ability.
  • The cartridge locator plate accepts cartridges with 226 double O-ring seal and locking tabs, with the option of a fin or recessed end-cap.
  • Multi-round housings come with two drain ports, enabling one to be used as a sampling port.
SPECTRUM PSFH-SEP Technical Data Sheet
SPECTRUM PFSH 1 round- 1 & 1 1/2 inch ports Technical Drawing
SPECTRUM PFSH 3/5/7 round 2 inch ports Technical Drawing