The SPECTRUM FibreOnyx Range: Re-innovation of a Modern Media

Oct 11, 2023

Introducing the game-changing SPECTRUM FibreOnyx range – a revolution in cartridge technology that is set to redefine the filtration industry. Get ready to experience unparalleled performance and efficiency with these high-flow carbon cartridges designed for a wide range of applications.


A cartridge focused on providing an economic, practical solution to chlorine, taste, and odour (CTO) removal. This technology provides all the benefits of activated carbon with a minimum pressure drop not commonly associated with a carbon block, promoting extended CTO reduction. An antimicrobial agent is applied to allow the full chlorine capacity to be used over its longer service life, giving the economic name its true meaning.


The SPECTRUM SFBC builds on the performance of the EFBC with the introduction of cyst removal. Finer fibres create finer filtration, which allows the matrix to be reduced to 0.5-micron and remove cysts present in drinking water applications. Equipped with a higher chlorine capacity than the SPECTRUM EFBC, a 5-micron pre-filtration stage is recommended to ensure maximum performance and capacity for this cartridge.


Four times higher lead removal than the industry standard makes this cartridge the ideal solution for soft water areas or borehole feeds with lead piping. Similar to the SFBC, the SFBC-PB also offers chlorine removal. To maximise the lifespan of this cartridge, we recommend using a 5-micron pre-filtration stage, ensuring the best performance and delivering unbeatable lead removal in a simple cartridge format.


The SPECTRUM SFBC-EL is focused on providing sulphur-free water for use in electroplating applications. A post-filtration layer prevents carbon fines from being released after the initial flush, guaranteeing a clean and uncontaminated plating bath, whilst bonded powder carbon media effectively eliminates organic chemicals and particulate. Designed with a 2.4” (66mm) diameter, the SFBC-EL is easy to retrofit to almost all standard cartridge housings used in the finishing industry.


The SPECTRUM PFBC brings revolutionary dual-purpose chloramine reduction properties – tackling chloramine and removing sediment in one. This dual design utilises catalytic carbon to deliver superior filtration results that keep users and the environment safe. The presence of chloramine can have harmful effects on humans, fish, yeast production in the brewing process and more, making protection crucial. Suitable for a wide range of applications, including residential drinking water, aquatics facilities, the brewing industry, and bottling plants, the PFBC ensures the best possible results.

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