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Wound Polypropylene (SWP)

Features & Information
  • Exact computer controlled wound pattern delivers reliable particulate removal throughout its media
  • A wide range of micron sizes from 0.5 – 150 are available in standard diameter, 10″ to 40″ lengths
  • Available in large diameter 10″ and 20″ lengths for reduced cartridge changeout frequency
  • Constructed with polypropylene media on a polypropylene core
  • Graded density construction ensures high dirt-holding capacity
Applications & Industries
  • Sand, silt and rust removal
  • Manufacturing chemicals
  • Metal finishing
  • Surface coating
  • Valve, pump or nozzle protection
Technical Data
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Features & Information

With broad chemical compatibility, good temperature resistance and a low cost, the SPECTRUM SWP provides a good all-round solution to basic filtration requirements.


How do wound filter cartridges compare to newer spun technologies?

While newer spun technologies may offer higher filtration efficiency and longer cartridge life, SWP Cartridges still meet filtration standards in many applications. They are an excellent choice for applications where high efficiency is not a primary requirement.

What are the advantages of using wound filter cartridges?

Wound filter cartridges offer several advantages, including:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Versatility
  • High dirt-holding capacity
  • Ability to capture both large and small particles
  • Good general resistance to high temperatures
  • Good chemical compatibility
What is the SPECTRUM Wound Polypropylene (SWP) Cartridge?

The SPECTRUM Wound Polypropylene (SWP) Cartridge is a type of wound filter cartridge made from polypropylene filter media. It is a cost-effective filtration solution known for its broad chemical compatibility and good temperature resistance.

What is the primary application of SWP Cartridges?

SWP Cartridges are commonly used for first-stage and general particulate reduction in filtration systems. They are ideal for applications where basic filtration is required at a lower cost.