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  3. Standard Pressure Vessels (SV)

Standard Pressure Vessels (SV)

Features & Information
  • Food grade materials are used on parts in contact with water
  • 5 year warranty
  • Complies with PED (2014/68/EU) Article 4, Paragraph 3 Compliant, Group 2 Liquids
  • Threads on the vessel neck are made from 30% glass-filled polypropylene for enhanced strength
  • Pressure cycle tested 100,000 times to ensure reliability
  • Pressure tested to 42 bar – over 4 times the maximum operating pressure
  • Lot-coded for traceability and tracking
  • Individually packaged to assist storage, handling and transportation
Applications & Industries
  • Commercial and residential water softening
  • Glass and window washing
  • Coffee machine protection
  • Rinse water in engineering or finishing
Technical Data
Ordering Details

Features & Information

Constructed from food-grade, high-density polyethylene and reinforced with fibreglass, SPECTRUM’s pressure vessels are both resilient and consistent. Standard vessels are compatible with both standard and premier heads and distribution systems.


How does water flow through a pressure vessel?

A pressure vessel is a container which can hold a variety of filtration media. When the water enters the vessel, it is pressurised to push it through a specific path inside. As it flows through the media, any dirt or impurities are treated by the media.

After passing through the vessel, the water exits and can be retrieved for use.

What media is compatible with a pressure vessel?

SPECTRUM Pressure Vessels are compatible with a variety of media options:

  • Mixed Bed Resin (SRDI/PRDI)
  • Softening Resin (SRSO)
  • Heavy Metal Removal (SRHM)
  • Loose Granular Carbon (SCG-C)
  • Nitrate Removal (SRNI)
What parts are included?

The SPECTRUM Standard Pressure Vessel comes as just the vessel.

Throughout the SPECTRUM coding the ‘-C’ identifies that a pressure vessel is complete, meaning it is supplied with the standard head and distribution system.

What is the difference between SPECTRUM's Standard and Premier Pressure Vessels?

The Premier version has a pre built distribution system to maximise the use of all the resin bed, eliminating deadzones. They come supplied with a premier head and 3/4″ adapters, as well as connector clips to hold pipework in place during change-out, making media change out quicker.