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  3. ION-X Heavy Metal Removal Cartridge (SRHM)

ION-X Heavy Metal Removal Cartridge (SRHM)

Features & Information
  • Effective point of use solution for the removal of metals such as lead, zinc, mercury, copper and chromium from potable water supplies
  • The SRHM also has softening capabilities achieved without sodium dosing
Applications & Industries
  • Waste water applications
  • Toxic metals
  • Calcium Treatment Units (CTU)
  • Drinking water
  • Pharmaceutical
Technical Data
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Features & Information

SPECTRUM Heavy Metal Removal Resin specifically targets heavy metals, which can not only interfere with manufacturing processes but also have adverse effects on health.


What is SPECTRUM SRHM, and what is its primary application?

SPECTRUM SRHM is a high purity, high capacity, weak acid, cation exchange resin. Its primary application is the treatment of potable water, with a focus on selectively removing heavy metals and alkaline earth metals, as well as certain toxic metals in some wastewater applications.

Can SPECTRUM SRHM resin be used for wastewater treatment as well?

Yes, SPECTRUM SRHM resin’s removal capabilities extend to toxic metals, making it suitable for specific wastewater treatment applications where heavy metal removal is required.

Does SPECTRUM SRHM resin require regeneration?

No, SPECTRUM SRHM resin is not designed for regeneration. It is a single-use resin that achieves its softening capabilities without the need for regeneration or the addition of sodium dosing.

Is SPECTRUM SRHM resin safe for use in potable water treatment systems?

Yes, SPECTRUM SRHM resin is designed for the treatment of potable (drinking) water and should comply with relevant safety and quality standards for such applications.