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Mixed Bed Resin (SRDI)

Features & Information
  • Achieving water quality of 10 megohms, the low conductivity values associated with SRDI typically provides water quality of 0.1 microSiemens/cm
  • Removes mineral content, impurities and TOCs from water to produce pure water economically
  • Low conductivity is achieved by the resin mix of type 1 strong acid cation and strong anions
Applications & Industries
  • Commercial glass and window washing
  • Cosmetic and pharmaceutical production
  • Automotive, engineering and cooling applications
  • Steam ovens
  • Commercial Boilers
  • RO systems
Technical Data
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Features & Information

SPECTRUM Deionising Resin is used to remove dissolved ions (commonly referred to as Total Dissolved Solids, or ‘TDS’) from water. SRDI resin is often used as a ‘final polish’ in water treatment systems.


What is SPECTRUM SRDI resin, and what is its primary function?

SRDI is a high-quality mixed-bed resin designed for the production of high-purity water with low conductivity values. Its primary function is to remove ions and impurities from water to achieve a water quality of typically 0.1 microSiemens/cm, suitable for various applications.

What are the typical applications for SRDI water?

SRDI water is used in applications where very high water purity is required. Common applications include laboratory experiments, pharmaceutical manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, and power generation.

Is SRDI resin suitable for use in large-scale water treatment units?

Yes, SRDI resin is suitable for use in large ion-exchange units, making it versatile for various industrial and commercial applications where high-purity water is needed in significant quantities.

Does SRDI resin require regeneration or reactivation?

SRDI resin is typically used as a single-use resin, and it does not require regeneration or reactivation. Once it reaches its ion-exchange capacity, it needs to be replaced.