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pH Correction Cartridge (SRCA)

Features & Information
  • SPECTRUM calcite resin cartridges are the perfect solution when neutralising the pH of acidic water
  • High uniformity coefficient for maximum contact
  • Dissolves slowly to release calcium carbonate which neutralises pH
  • Up-flow to agitate media
Applications & Industries
  • Post RO
  • Private water supply
  • Boreholes
  • Remineralisation
Technical Data
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Features & Information

For the correction of water with low pH: SPECTRUM SRCA doses water with calcium to neutralise pH and prevent corrosion of pipework, components and equipment.


What is SPECTRUM SRCA, and what is its primary function?

SPECTRUM SRCA is a water treatment product designed to slowly dissolve in contact with acidic water. Its primary function is to reduce the potential leaching of metals, such as copper and lead, found in typical plumbing systems, while also ensuring effective pH control in water treatment processes.

Why is reducing metal leaching important in water treatment?

Reducing metal leaching is crucial because high concentrations of metals in drinking water can be harmful to health. Copper and lead, for example, can cause adverse health effects, so minimising their presence in drinking water is essential.

What is the benefit of using SPECTRUM SRCA in post RO permeate treatment, private water supplies, and remineralisation processes?

SPECTRUM SRCA helps ensure pH control in various water treatment applications. It can be used to adjust the pH of the treated water in post RO (reverse osmosis) permeate treatment, private water supplies and in general remineralisation.

Does SPECTRUM SRCA introduce any substances into the water during its dissolution that may impact water quality or taste?

SPECTRUM SRCA is designed to release substances that help neutralise acidic water without introducing harmful or undesirable substances that impact water quality or taste.