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Loose Granular Carbon (SCG-C)

Features & Information
  • Ideally suited for the removal of oxidising agents such as chlorine and ozone from process water
  • The SPECTRUM SCG-C delivers excellent mechanical hardness, and extensive dedusting during its manufacture ensures an exceptionally clean activated loose carbon
  • The SCG-C enhanced microporosity makes it well suited for the removal of low molecular weight organic compounds
Applications & Industries
  • Vending
  • Residential
  • Water cooling
  • Replaceable point-of-use cartridges
  • Economic pre-treatment for RO systems
Technical Data
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Features & Information

SPECTRUM Granular Carbon utilises high-grade, water washed coconut activated carbon to effectively control chlorine, taste and odour and other organics.


What is SPECTRUM SCG-C, and what is its primary use?

SPECTRUM SCG-C is a granular activated carbon product designed for the removal of oxidising agents such as chlorine and ozone from process water.

How does SCG-C remove oxidising agents like chlorine and ozone from water?

SPECTRUM SCG-C works through a process called adsorption. The activated carbon has a high surface area with many tiny pores that attract and capture oxidizing agents as water passes through it, effectively removing them from the water.

What are the advantages of using SCG-C for water treatment?

SPECTRUM SCG-C offers excellent mechanical hardness and is exceptionally clean due to extensive dedusting during its manufacture. Its enhanced microporosity makes it effective at removing low molecular weight organic compounds, which can be crucial for achieving high water quality standards.

Is SPECTRUM SCG-C safe for treating water intended for human consumption?

Yes, SPECTRUM SCG-C is specifically manufactured for the treatment of water for human consumption and meets the necessary safety and quality standards.