Inox Standard Single Round Bag Housings – Size 1&2

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  • PED compliant and DWI approved
  • Accepts SPECTRUM Economic, Standard and Premier bags
  • Housing head incorporates v-band clamp closure or a swing bolt closure (PBH) for quick and easy change-outs
  • Side inlet and bottom outlet
  • 1/4" NPT vent port in head for pressure release and 1/2" NPT drain port
  • Includes 1/8" perforated stainless steel basket which supports the bag filter
  • Housings come with two 1/4" BSPF gauge ports
  • Comes complete with legs which bolt to the floor for stability and security, allowing height adjustment of the vessel.
  • Protective polycoat finish
  • Commercial filtration
  • Industrial applications
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SPECTRUM Inox Single Round Bag Housings - Size 1 & 2 Literature    
SBH-SPC Size 1&2 Bag Housing - Technical Data Sheet  
SPECTRUM SBH-SPC-single round 1&2 round bag housing drawing