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Inox Standard Single Round Bag Housings – Size 1&2 (SBH)

Features & Information
  • PED compliant and DWI approved
  • Accepts SPECTRUM Economic, Standard and Premier bags
  • Housing head incorporates v-band clamp closure or a swing bolt closure (PBH) for quick and easy change-outs
  • Side inlet and bottom outlet
  • 1/4″ NPT vent port in head for pressure release and 1/2″ NPT drain port
  • Includes 1/8″ perforated stainless steel basket which supports the bag filter
  • Housings come with two 1/4″ BSPF gauge ports
  • Comes complete with legs which bolt to the floor for stability and security, allowing height adjustment of the vessel
  • Protective polycoat finish
Applications & Industries
  • Commercial filtration
  • Industrial applications
Technical Data
Ordering Details

Features & Information

SPECTRUM Inox standard single round stainless steel bag housings come equipped with standard v-band clamp seals, adjustable legs and a corrosion resistant polycoat finish. Holds one size 1 or 2 bag filter.


What applications are Inox stainless-steel bag housings suitable for?

These housings are ideal for high flow-rate and bulk solid removal applications. They are commonly used in industrial processes where durability and efficient filtration are required.

What features are included as standard in Inox Standard bag housings?

These housings come standard with built in inlet and outlet pressure gauges ports for monitoring system performance, vent and drain ports for efficient filter changeout, and adjustable mounting legs for ease of installation and housing stability.

What are the advantages of using metal filter housings over plastic ones?

Metal filter housings offer advantages such as high-temperature and high-pressure tolerance, while plastic housings are chosen for their corrosion resistance and cost-effectiveness, depending on specific application requirements.

How do I choose the right housing for my application?

Consider the below factors when selecting a plastic filter housing. Consulting with a filtration expert or supplier for guidance is also advised.


  • Type of fluid
  • Flow rate
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Chemical compatibility
  • Filter element requirements