Premier Pleat Polyethersulfone

SPECTRUM PPPES Product Montage
  •  Suitable for use across a wide range of chemical applications and over broad pH extremes
  •  Manufactured from lot controlled, thermally bonded FDA compliant materials
  •  Cartridges are formed around a polypropylene core, with the polyethersulfone media protected by a polypropylene cage
  •  Biological retention rates: Bacteria: 99.99999% (Brevundimonas diminuta)
  •  Suitable for repeated sterilisation (20 x 30 minute cycles at 121°C, Q or Z end caps required)
  •  Integrity tested media, the PPPES records a bubble point of 4.3 bar (in water) at 0.2 micron
  •  Double skin construction of the flat sheet membrane ensures excellent mechanical properties
  •  Potable water
  •  Chemical manufacture
  •  Medical/Pharmaceutical
  •  Beverage
  •  Bacteria removal
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SPECTRUM PPPES Technical Data Sheet
SPECTRUM PPPES Technical Drawing