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Inox Premier Filter Housings (PFH-S)

Features & Information
  • 316L electropolished stainless steel enables more compatibility in critical applications
  • The threaded ring-nut closure connects the housing body and head and is secured using the closure tool
  • PFH housings come in either 222 or 226 cartridge connector options with either fin or flat ends for wider application capabilities
  • Drain plug is fitted with PTFE tape
  • Housings include: mounting bracket kit with two screws and spring washers
Applications & Industries
  • Commercial filtration
  • High temperature installations
  • High pressure applications
  • Industrial applications
Technical Data
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Features & Information

With a heavy-duty construction, SPECTRUM Inox housing range is designed to perform in the harshest filtration environments involving high pressures, harsh temperatures and challenging filtrates. The Inox Premier housing has an electropolished finish and offers a choice of two seals to enable sub-micron filtration in more critical applications.


What applications are the PFH best suited to?

The PFH is well-suited for a wide range of applications, especially those that demand absolute sealing, sub-micron filtration, or critical filtration where maintaining the highest level of purity and quality is essential.

What distinguishes the PFH from other single-round housings?

The PFH features an electropolished finish, which enhances its durability and corrosion resistance. Additionally, it comes equipped with 226 fittings that have locking tabs for added security, making it the top choice for absolute sealing in this range of housings.

What are the advantages of using metal filter housings over plastic ones?

Metal filter housings offer advantages such as high-temperature and high-pressure tolerance, while plastic housings are chosen for their corrosion resistance and cost-effectiveness, depending on specific application requirements.

How do I choose the right filter housing for my application?

Consider the below factors when selecting a plastic filter housing. Consulting with a filtration expert or supplier for guidance is also advised.


  • Type of fluid
  • Flow rate
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Chemical compatibility
  • Filter element requirements