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Inox Multi Round Bag Housings (PBH)

Features & Information
  • PED compliant, DWI approved SPECTRUM PBH multi-cavity bag housings are the perfect solution for high flow rate applications up to 3,400 lpm
  • Heavy duty swing-bolt closure and cover lifting davit arm assembly for simplified handling
  • 304L legs can be bolted to the floor for safety and security
  • Basket hold-down device ensures that the multiple baskets won’t move under high flow conditions
  • Housing comes with ¼” gauge ports and includes 2 bar stainless steel pressure gauges
  • Buna-N O-ring as standard
Applications & Industries
  • Industrial filtration
  • High flow rate applications
Technical Data
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Features & Information

Designed to suit industry standard size 2 bag filters, SPECTRUM Inox multi-round stainless steel bag housings are suited to high volume, high dirt loading applications and are equipped with a davit arm and swing-bolt configuration to assist with cartridge change-out in very large, heavy-duty housings.


What types of applications are the Inox multi-round bag filter housings suited for?

These housings are specifically designed for high-volume, high dirt-loading, and demanding applications, making them ideal for industries such as manufacturing, petrochemical, and wastewater treatment.

What is the purpose of the Davit arm assembly in these bag filter housings?

The Davit arm assembly is designed to assist in safely and conveniently removing bag filters. It simplifies the process, reducing the need for heavy lifting or special tools.

What are the advantages of using metal filter housings over plastic ones?

Metal filter housings offer advantages such as high-temperature and high-pressure tolerance, while plastic housings are chosen for their corrosion resistance and cost-effectiveness, depending on specific application requirements.

How do I choose the right filter housing for my application?

Consider the below factors when selecting a plastic filter housing. Consulting with a filtration expert or supplier for guidance is also advised.


  • Type of fluid
  • Flow rate
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Chemical compatibility
  • Filter element requirements