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Medical Tap Filter (SMTFW-SLSS)

Features & Information
  • 92 day validated service life
  • Protects from waterborne bacteria like legionella
  • Relief in outbreak situations or permanent infection control
  • For high risk areas such as critical wards, intensive care units and operating theatres
  • Sterilised by gamma irradiation (>25KGy – the standard for medical products)
Applications & Industries
  • Hospital (estates & infection control)
Technical Data
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Features & Information

SPECTRUM’s WRAS approved advanced point-of-use membrane filters for taps, sterilised by gamma radiation to meet medical standards, provide a reliable water source free from bacterial contaminants with a validated service life of 92 days.

FAQs - Medical Shower & Tap

Can a Tap Filter help reduce the risk of Legionella bacteria?

Yes, the SPECTRUM Tap Filter is WRAS-approved to reduce the risk of Legionella bacteria by removing harmful microorganisms through advanced filtration media.

How often should I replace the SPECTRUM Tap Filter?

SPECTRUM Tap Filters are validated for up to 92 days. For validated protection, you’ll need to change your Shower Filter at the latest every 92 days.

Are SPECTRUM Tap Filters easy to install?

Yes, they are very easy to install. They come with simple instructions and require no special tools or professional assistance. It is important to read the instructions before installation.

Are SPECTRUM Tap Filters validated?

Yes, they are WRAS-approved and tested to ASMT standards.