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  3. Food Service Cartridge (STL-CBP-2)

Food Service Cartridge (STL-CBP-2)

Features & Information
  • Quick changeout design
  • Nominal sediment reduction to 1μm
  • Exceptional CTO control
  • Hexametaphosphate used to inhibit scale
Applications & Industries
  • Commercial food service markets
Technical Data
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Features & Information

Designed as a retrofit to the AP2 food service cartridge and with an easy-to-use twist-lock design; the STL-CBP-2 is user friendly and compatible with appliances from a variety of reputable brands.


Why are food service filter cartridges important in the food industry?

Food service filter cartridges play a crucial role in maintaining product quality, flavour and safety by ensuring that fluids used in food and beverage production are free from contaminants, sediments, and undesirable particles.

What types of fluids are commonly filtered in the food service industry?

In the food service industry, fluids such as water, beverages, cooking oils, sauces, syrups, and other process fluids are commonly filtered to remove impurities and maintain product consistency.

What is the primary purpose of the STL-CBP-2 water filtration cartridge?

The STL-CBP-2 is specifically designed to prevent premature breakdowns and repairs in small-scale commercial water boilers. The carbon technology focuses on improving water quality, whilst the addition of hexametaphosphate effectively prevents limescale buildup on heating coils, contributing to the longevity and efficient operation of small water boilers for food service applications.

How does the STL-CBP-2 contribute to energy efficiency in water boilers?

Reduced limescale contributes to energy efficiency by allowing boiler systems to operate without hindrance, effectively lowering energy consumption over time.