Aqualyze Economic Housings

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  • Housing sumps are available in black (PK) & clear (SC) to allow visual changes, in particular media such as colour change resins or depth cartridges.
  • All 10” housings accept 213 O-ring style cartridges typically used in applications using lower micron filters and requiring a more secure seal.
  • Patented O-ring recess design prevents pinching and leaks.
  • Mounting bosses allow for a bracket to be fitted.
  • 20” Standard and Large Diameter housings include a centring plug to facilitate positive cartridge positioning and stability within the housing.
  • Individually boxed for security and ease of product identification.
  • Perfect housing closure for a secure seal is achieved with the relevant optional spanner.
  • General incoming water filtration
  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Electrical applications
SPECTRUM Aqualyze Economic Housing-EFH-PK Technical Data Sheet SPECTRUM Aqualyze Economic Housing-EFH-SC Technical Data Sheet
SPECTRUM EFH-PK/EFH-SC-1-10-1/4&3/8 inch ports Technical Drawing SPECTRUM EFH-PK/EFH-SC-1-10-1/2&3/4 inch ports Technical Drawing SPECTRUM EFH-PK/EFH-SC-1-20-1/2&3/4 inch ports Technical Drawing SPECTRUM EFH-PK/EFH-SC-10 and 20 LD 1 inch Ports Technical Drawing