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Inox Economic Filter Housings (EFH-SBR)

Features & Information
  • Heavy duty construction in 316L stainless steel provides industrial durability
  • Top nut bolt closure design allows for quick cartridge changes
  • Housing includes a Centring rod which locates and secures the cartridge
  • Internal knife-edge seals at both ends of the housing accommodates Double Open-Ended and AA Gasket cartridges securely
  • Drain plug is fitted with PTFE tape
  • Housing bracket kit available separately
Applications & Industries
  • Commercial filtration
  • Industrial filtration
  • High temperature installations
  • High pressure applications
Technical Data
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Features & Information

With a heavy-duty construction, SPECTRUM Inox housing range is designed to perform in the harshest filtration environments involving high pressures, harsh temperatures and challenging filtrate. The Inox Economic housing is the entry level housing in this range for high temperature and high-pressure applications.


What are the advantages of Inox Economic Filter Housings?

Operating at the highest temperature rating in the range, EFH housings are ideally suited to industrial applications, given their robust construction and high operational parameters.

What is the maximum temperature that SPECTRUM Inox filter housings can withstand?

SPECTRUM EFH housings are capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 135°c.

What are the advantages of using metal filter housings over plastic ones?

Metal filter housings offer advantages such as high-temperature and high-pressure tolerance, while plastic housings are chosen for their corrosion resistance and cost-effectiveness, depending on specific application requirements.

How do I choose the right filter housing for my application?

Consider the below factors when selecting a plastic filter housing. Consulting with a filtration expert or supplier for guidance is also advised.


  • Type of fluid
  • Flow rate
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Chemical compatibility
  • Filter element requirements