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Food Service Cartridge (AOW)

Features & Information
  • Chlorine, taste and odour reduction
  • Limescale and KDF scale inhibition
  • 0.5┬Ám particulate and sub-micron turbidity reduction
  • Lead reduction
  • Cyst reduction
  • Bacteriostatic control
  • Simple, quick and clean
Applications & Industries
  • Commercial food service markets
Technical Data
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Features & Information

One of the most practical and yet affordable food service solutions available.


Why are food service filter cartridges important in the food industry?

Food service filter cartridges play a crucial role in maintaining product quality, flavour and safety by ensuring that fluids used in food and beverage production are free from contaminants, sediments, and undesirable particles.

What types of fluids are commonly filtered in the food service industry?

In the food service industry, fluids such as water, beverages, cooking oils, sauces, syrups, and other process fluids are commonly filtered to remove impurities and maintain product consistency.

How does the AOW Food Service Cartridge address scale buildup in equipment?

The AOW Cartridge is specifically designed to target and reduce scale buildup in equipment, helping to prevent the formation of scale deposits that can negatively impact equipment performance and efficiency.

What contaminants does the AOW Cartridge target in water filtration?

The AOW Cartridge primarily targets chlorine, taste, and odour in water. Additionally, it reduces lead levels to below 10 parts per billion (ppb) and provides 0.5-micron filtration to reduce contaminants like Cryptosporidium, which can impact health.