SoftH₂0 – FLO

  • Volumetric control to precisely measure soft water producted, optimising salt usage
  • Utilises the SPECTRUM 5 valve for compact design, simplicity and complete control
  • Incorporates a PED 97/23/EC Directive compliant pressure vessel
  • Ready for installation with integral vessel, brine tank and brine valve system
  • Minimal regenerations means less wastewater to drain during regeneration process
  • SPECTRUM 5 valve features an LCD display with visual alarm to indicate when salt refill is due
  • The blending valve provides complete control over hardness with an integrated bypass
  • Industrial
  • Commercial laundry
  • Boiler feed and steam ovens
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SPECTRUM SoftH₂0 - FLO Literature
SPECTRUM SoftH₂0 – FLO Technical Data Sheet
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